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Prime Contractors

Partnering With Prime Contractors to More Effectively Identify, Support, and Connect with XBE Subcontractors 

Prime contractors are responsible for building thriving cities and communities. Today, the responsibility goes well beyond the physical structures and projects. We developed TradesNetwork to help prime contractors more effectively engage XBE subcontractors, meet internal ESG goals, and deliver the community impact requirements set forth by project owners. 

Advantages of Partnering 

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Connect With Qualified XBEs

We understand the crucial role that highly qualified XBE subcontractors play in developing winning proposals. TradesNetwork helps you identify and engage with more qualified subcontractors and expands the pool of quality candidates through industry partnerships working together to increase the capacity of XBEs in the market. By tapping into this aggregated network of skilled subcontractors, we help you build a more competitive team.

TradesNetwork was designed to lower the costs associated with researching and recruiting XBE subcontractors. We develop and maintain a dynamic database of Virtual Capabilities Statements constantly updated with the latest information. This resource streamlines the process of identifying and onboarding qualified tier 1 and tier 2 subcontractors for your projects, saving you time and resources. 

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Reduce Recruiting Expense

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TradesNetwork is designed to be an industry-wide initiative that fosters the growth of XBEs.  By collaborating with industry partners on this initiative, we ALL contribute to the development and empowerment of underutilized businesses, showcase our dedication to social responsibility, and make a positive impact on the communities we serve. The results and greater when the industry is aligned.

Join an Industry-wide


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Benefit from a Support Ecosystem

 We understand the challenges associated with increasing the capacity of XBE subcontractors. That's why we've developed solutions that reduce the need for in-house programs that assist subcontractors. Our approach not only saves you the effort of managing these programs but also ensures that XBE subcontractors receive the comprehensive support they need to thrive.

TradesNetwork online hub features:

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For Primes 
For Subcontractors
Education Hub
  • Prime contact information

  • Post current solicitations 

  • Information and guidance for subcontractors to become pre-qualified for projects

  • Post upcoming in-person networking events and webinars

  • Post subcontracting opportunities by metro area

  • Access to searchable database of subcontractors by specialization, revenues, certification, or metro area

  • Create company profile with information sought by Primes: Year established, revenues, area of specialization, bonding limits, recent projects and budgets, recommendations

  • One central hub for searching for bid and contract opportunities

  • Build relationships with other contractors for teaming opportunities

  • Webinars led by subject matter experts

  • Peer-to-peer information sharing, best practices, etc.

  • Monitored and curated by Content Managers

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Sponsorship of TradesNetwork by construction industry prime contractors reflects their commitment to developing more diverse roster of subcontractors and industry leadership.

Opportunities include: 
  • Dedicated section on TradesNetwork with company profile, contact information, bid opportunities, pre-qualification links and messaging with members managed by TradesNetwork 

  • Access to searchable subcontractor database updated with Virtual Capabilities Statements

  • Opportunity to publicize and host events and webinars

  • Local or multi-city presence

Dedicated prime contractor section

Meet the Leadership

Community Engagement Architect

Brent Imai

Passionate about supporting and nurturing early-stage companies. Focus on product strategy, content creation, business model definition, negotiation of strategic partnership agreements, and investment. 


Marketing & Outreach

Carlos Cordoba

Certified SBE/DBE small business owner with 20+ years of experience developing and implementing marketing

strategies for public agencies and private organizations with expertise in B2B marketing and outreach initiatives.


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Let's Work Together

For information about how TradesNetwork can support your organization or toschedule a demo, get in touch with our team for a personalized consultation.

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